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 Private transfer taxi shuttle VIP service from Antalya Airport to Aquaworld Belek Hotel.
Aquaworld Belek Hotel is located in the Belek neighborhood of Antalya`s Serik district, on İskele Street. Aquaworld Belek Hotel, like many other facilities in the region, is one of the chain hotels of the MP Hotels group, which provides 5-star service. The facility has 11 pools, a water park and a 7-track water slide. There are 3 ways to go to Aquaworld Belek Hotel by transfer from Antalya Airport. After leaving Antalya Airport, you can reach the hotel by Aksu on the Antalya-Mersin road, continue over Aksu Stream and then turn to Belek Turizm road. This road is 32.5 km and takes an estimated 35 minutes. Another road passes through the Lara-Kundu region, which is the closest region to Antalya Airport. After leaving the airport, you can come to Lara-Kundu region on the Lara Turizm road on the Kardesler street. Hotels in Lara-Kundu region offer you a visual feast with their eye-catching architecture and gigantic sizes. At the end of the region, continue over Aksu Stream and reach Aquaworld Belek Hotel with 4 SEASONS TRANSFER until you meet on your return transfer, 32.5 km and an estimated 42-minute transfer takes place. . On the other way, after exiting Antalya Airport, you can go through İncikpınar Street. Then, at the end of Lara-Kundu region, continue on the Tourism road and reach the hotel. This road is 28.5 km and takes an estimated 37 minutes. Although Antalya Airport is preferred for transportation to Belek region, transfers are also made from Gazipaşa Airport. The distance between Aquaworld Belek Hotel and Gazipaşa Airport is 150 kilometers and the estimated travel time is 2 hours and 20 minutes. You can choose 4 SEASONS TRANSFER for a friendly airport welcome, a comfortable, safe and convenient airport VIP transfer to Aquaworld Belek Hotel, and you can make a reservation without prepayment. To reach Aquaworld Belek Hotel by VIP transfer from Gazipaşa Airport, one passes through Kargicak, Mahmutlar, Oba, Alanya, Türkler, Avsallar, Okurcalar, Kızılağaç, Side, Çolaklı, Serik regions. Our VIP transfer service, which also includes a beautiful coastal journey, turns from Serik to Belek street and then reaches Aquaworld Belek Hotel. Your comfortable VIP transfer journey of approximately 140 minutes ends until your return transfer. Aquaworld Belek Hotel is 3.5 km from the center of Belek. You can take advantage of our VIP transfer services between Aquaworld Belek Hotel and Belek, or you can use the transportation options for the city in the region. You can reach historical places in Antalya from Aquaworld Belek Hotel by private transfer.
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Distance and Estimated Travel Times of Aquaworld Belek Hotel to Other Regions
Aquaworld Belek Hotel -Antalya City Center Transfer: 42 KM / 45 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Mall of Antalya Transfer(Antalya City Center) : 37 KM / 40 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Terra City Mall Transfer Antalya Center): 32 KM / 47 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Mark Antalya Transfer (Antalya Center): 44 KM / 50 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Old Town Transfer (Antalya Center): 44 KM / 55 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Düden Waterfall Transfer (Antalya Center) : 29 KM / 40 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Kursunlu Waterfall Transfer (Antalya Center) : 36 KM / 38 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-The Land of Legends Transfer(Belek) : 7 KM / 10 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Perge Ancient City Transfer (Aksu): 29 KM / 35 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Belek Center Transfer: 2.5 KM / 5 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Sillion Ancient City Transfer (Belek, Serik) : 22 KM / 30 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Manavgat Waterfall Transfer(Manavgat) : 49 KM / 54 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Nova Mall Transfer(Manavgat) : 47 KM / 49 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Koprulu Canyon Transfer (Manavgat): 63 KM / 70 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel -Alanya Castle Transfer(Alanya): 109 KM / 120 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Alanya City Center Transfer: 106 KM / 105 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel -Kemer Center Transfer: 88 KM / 90 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Aura Club Kemer Transfer: 88 KM / 90 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Inferno Club Kemer Transfer: 88 KM / 90 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Konyaaltı Beaches Transfer: 51 KM / 52 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Geyikbayırı Cave Transfer (Konyaaltı): 67 KM / 80 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Karain Cave Transfer (Yağca, Antalya): 70 KM / 67 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Kocain Cave Transfer (Döşemealtı, Antalya): 80 KM / 83 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Altinbeşik Cave National Transfer Park (İbradı, Antalya): 102 KM / 128 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Dim Cave Transfer (Kestel, Alanya): 118 KM / 124 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Beldibi Cave Transfer (Konyaaltı, Antalya): 70 KM / 75 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Damlataş Cave Transfer (Alanya): 106 KM / 105 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel- Zoo Transfer (Kepez Antalya): 51 KM / 58 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel- Antalya Aquarium Transfer (Antalya Center): 50 KM / 50 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-The Cave of the Lying World Transfer (Gazipasa): 162 KM / 160 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel-Saklikent Ski Center Transfer (Korkuteli, Antalya): 94 KM / 120 Minutes
Aquaworld Belek Hotel - Kas Center Transfer (Korkuteli, Antalya): 234 KM / 220 Minutes