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Turkey, Antalya Airport is 32 km away. In the service area of ​​first class facilities; Golf tourism is gaining momentum in a different perspective and Turkey.
 One of the remarkable features of Belek is a nature friendly and nature friendly structure. As of April 1, it continues increasingly until the end of October.

We wanted to guide the places you can visit for our valuable options to plan a holiday in the Belek region.
4 Seasons Transfer Provides VIP and 7/24 transfer service from Antalya Airport to Belek Region.
Aspendos Ancient Theater
It is 49 km from Antalya airport to Aspendos Antique Theater. The center of Belek is 18 km away. Our 4 Season Transfer company will be happy to assist you at affordable prices for transportation from Belek center or Antalya airport.

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2000 years ago, he built an enormous job with 15,000-person rooms. It still clearly reflects its period.There is still the Aspendos Ancient Theater today. 4 Seasons Transfer Provides quality drivers and safe vehicle transfer service from Antalya Airport to Aspendos Antique Theater.
Perge Ancient City
It is in the city center of Antalya and only 18 km from Antalya airport. It is an ancient city located in Aksu district of Antalya, which was once the capital of Pamphylia Region.
Perge Ancient City was among the richest and most beautiful cities of the old world in the Hellenistic period. Perge Ancient City is carrying out restoration works to be restored in 2020 with a very successful project.
It is included in the UNESCO World Temporary Heritage List. Perge Ancient City dates back to the Bronze Age. Despite its magnificence and size, Perge Ancient City is one of the largest ancient cities.
You can make a reservation  on our website for transportation from Antalya center or Airport to the ancient city of Perge. You can reach Perge ancient self from Belek region with 4 Season Transfer.

Sillyon Ancient City
Antalya Serik district 15 km. Antalya airport is 30 km away. Antalya is an old settlement built on a high hill between Aspendos and Perge, 36 km from the center.
Sillyon Ancient City, one of the richest cities of the Ancient Period, was established on the KOÇHİSAR hill, which is located near Yanköy Village under the name KARAKİSAR-TEKKE, until 17th century, depending on the kingdom of Bergama.
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Religions Garden
Three important religions and cultures are among the places that should be seen as very valuable.
Religion Garden, one of the iconic centers of Belek, has been embracing everyone by combining three different religions for hundreds of years.
Mosques, churches and synagogues open to the same garden, and everyone can freely worship together in the same place.
Add the Garden of Religion, where every special day and holiday is celebrated and cultures mixed, to the top of the list of places to see in Belek.