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It is the most preferred area for entertainment and disco destinations of Antalya, 47 km from Antalya city center. Kemer airport is 59 km away. On average, it varies between 1 hour and 1.5 hours.
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Discos that make their mark on nightlife in the Aura Club and Inferno club areas. Besides night entertainment, its historical texture and nature.

The tourist profile that prefers other regions is the correct profile to define nature as the segment that prefers to rest.

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Beldibi is the first tourism resort in Kemer, located at the entrance of Antalya or Antalya airport. The distance to the airport of Antalya is 35 km. 
You can use the 4 Season Transfer special vehicles that you can use Beldibi from Antalya airport.
Beldibi region is divided into three main regions as Beldibi 1, Beldibi 2 and Beldibi 3.
You can use direct transportation from the airport to Beldibi. You can use public transportation. By public transport from the airport; You need to go to the bus terminal from Antalya airport by city bus or tram.Then after switching to the counties terminal. You can reach Kemer by Bus.
 It is an average of 1 hour and 15 minutes to go to the bus terminal from Antalya Airport. Transportation from the bus stop in Kemer; it takes an average of 180 minutes. It will take between 3 hours and 3.5 hours on average. Because he didn`t go directly to your hotel.
Do not think about how to go for a nice holiday. We plan for you. Do not waste 3-4 hours on the first day of your holiday.
Beldibi Region is a natural wonder where you will feel the breathing nature in pine forests. Beldibi Region is a point where the clarity of the Mediterranean intersects. No matter how long the beach`s gravel is, it seems to be a disadvantage for families with children, it is one of the most attractive parts for Beldibi. 60 km from Antalya Airport. Located in the region, Kemer offers an unforgettable holiday opportunity with its natural beauty and alternative tourism activities.
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Göynük Canyon

The canyon is exactly where you expect it. You will start your canyon with an adrenaline-filled stage that you can travel on your Jeep or Atv vehicles. 2-3 km walking along the mountain road, and many natural pond and pool views during your trekking.

This road to the canyon is an important part of the Lycian road, which is among the top 10 walking routes in the world. You can reach the entrance of the canyon or you can cool off by swimming in the ice-cold water of the natural pond, and take peaceful photos of the waterfall by climbing the rocks. Another option is to join the tours accompanied by guides and safely pass the canyon course with your rental equipment.

Tahtalı Cable Car

You can climb to the top of Tahtalı Mountain, which is at an altitude of 2360 m, so to speak above the clouds.

Paris Shipwreck

You must have heard of the Paris II sunset. The French warship, which was sunk in World War I in 1917, is located in only 10 cities of Kemer Yacht Harbor. Nowadays, it is home to fish such as groupers, scorpion fish and even moray eels on a 21-31 meter depth of sand. Let`s remind you that you have to be an experienced diver so that you can see his body covered with sponges and corals of 65 m length and 14 m width.