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Royal Seginus Hotel Transfer

Royal Seginus Hotel is a luxury and new hotel offering ultra all-inclusive service in the Kundu-Antalya region. The distance between Antalya airport and Royal Seginus Hotel is 20 minutes. Stone Group (Royal Seginus-Royal Wings-Royal Holiday Palace-Adam & Eve Hotel-Royal Dragon-Royal Alhamra Palace-Royal Taj Mahal) Hotel is the newest hotel within the structure.

Seginus; It is one of the huge stars in the universe in space. You can be sure that the facility is worthy of this name with its bed capacity.
The distance between the Royal Seginus Hotel and the sea is 350 meters. You may need to walk 5 minutes to the beach to reach the Royal Seginus hotel. But; Royal Seginus Hotel also offers shuttle service for its guests.

Customer satisfaction is high due to the rich alcohol variety, animation services and quality of food tastes. Royal Seginus Hotel has been in service for 12 months. Royal Seginus Hotel shines like a star within its own group.

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